Big Sky Buckeye Returns

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On January 19, my wife and I headed to Montana to help with home care for my Mom.  We had little idea what we would experience over the next two months.

Shortly before Christmas, she fell in her home and fractured her left hip.  Following surgery, her initial care moved from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility.  When we arrived, she had just returned to her home of 30+ years. 

One of my brothers had been helping out during our Mom’s hospitalization, rehabilitation, and return back home.  We intended to give him a respite to spend time with his family.

We are so thankful for the many warm wishes and prayers that we have read and heard.  God’s presence has been with our family and our Mom during these many weeks of home care and rehabilitation.

Mom’s recovery has been a blessing.  She still has more physical therapy to work through, and she cannot live alone at this time.  Her progress has been an inspiration to many others.

Having returned back to my home in Ohio, I will resume my regular writing on Big Sky Buckeye.  While I didn’t have much time to write while I was away, there are many posts waiting in the wings.  I look forward to reading your blogs and catching up with each of you.

40 thoughts on “Big Sky Buckeye Returns

  1. Prayers for continued healing for your mom. It must have been a blessing for her having you with her for a while and you got back to your home state!

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      • WE are doing pretty good. Paul is still recovering from urinary tract issues, but slowly getting better. The joys of aging. We are trying hard to find some semblance of normalcy but haven’t a clue what “normal” is anymore. The only thing that remains consistent is our Lord, God, who never changes. Good to have you back.

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