On the Road Again (Special Bulletin)

Montana Highway Map (courtesy of Pinterest)

Greetings Big Sky Buckeye readers!  As you read this post, I am heading to my native state of Montana with arrival today (January 21), and I will not return back to my home in Ohio for about a month. 

My mother is recovering from surgery to repair a broken hip, and she needs help from my wife and I.  I will not be publishing anything until I return home. 

While I am away, I will be turning off my comments until I return.  Since my mother doesn’t have an Internet connection, it would be challenging to keep up any type of blogging schedule. 

My mother will need our care pretty much around the clock.  Your prayers are welcome and appreciated.

I apologize for not being very active in reading other blogs the past several days.  My plate has been pretty full, and our travel plans changed from our original dates.

In case you are looking for me (but I’m not Waldo), you can check out the highway map at the top of this post.  A few of you may know which city is my hometown from previous posts or in sharing comments.  

Thank you for your patience and please take care.


28 thoughts on “On the Road Again (Special Bulletin)

  1. Hi {{{Richard}}} – I am sorry that your trip to Montana is not for a joy-filled holiday when you can take a few days and come to Ennis to see us. But, going so you can be with your mom at this crucial time is so important. I know she will appreciate having you and Colleen there. We’ll be gone Jan. 23-27 for our trip to Mayo Clinic in Rochester – so we’ll be traveling right after you. I’ll be praying for your safe travel today – and for your mom’s recovery with such loving care. Looking forward to hearing from you when you get back on line. ❤ HUGS ❤

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