Moments with God (Elfchen Series #92)

Thundering Voice


Holy Word

Amplifying His love

Hope, grace, and peace


Photo by Johannes Plenio on

Revealing Cosmos


In darkness

God reveals promises

Each heavenly, shining star


Photo by James Wheeler on

Receiving Joy


Blessings awake

Landscape of grace

Responding to Creator’s peace


Photo by Spencer Selover on

13 thoughts on “Moments with God (Elfchen Series #92)

  1. These 3 brought total peace and comfort to me. I especially like the Cosmos one. I find such beauty in astronomy. I feel God’s presence when I look out into the universe — either from the ground looking up and/ or from NASA photos
    Thank you for all 3 poems though.

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    • Kate, I appreciate your comments about the Cosmos poem. I, too, have always had a fascination with the universe, which goes back to the 1960s and the American space program. When one looks from earth into the heavens, especially at night, there is a closeness to our Creator.

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