Behind the Scenes–Act 4

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Welcome to “Behind the Scenes.”  Today, we have returned to visit with Richard, the creative voice behind the writing journey of Big Sky Buckeye. 

Welcome back Richard.  It is a pleasure visit with you again. 

You have mentioned previously that much of your previous teaching experience takes place in Montana.  It would be wonderful to hear more about your journey from those years.

With 40 years in the classroom, a total of 29 take place in Montana.  Here’s a narrative about the first of four stops under the Big Sky.

My teaching career starts in the southeastern corner of the Treasure State.  Nestled in the quiet hillsides and prairie, Plevna will be my home for three years (1978-1981). 

The community’s economic lifeline is tied to farming and ranching.  Founded in 1909, this small town in Fallon County provides a home for about 200 citizens, and it is situated about 80 miles from Miles City.  Bulgarian railroad workers on the Milwaukee Road line will name the town after one in their home country. 

Being one of the rookies on the staff, here are some interesting details from teaching in Plevna:

  • Teaching assignment covers high school business education classes as well as Civics for the seniors.
  • High school enrollment during my first year sits at 51. 
  • Amazingly, my accounting class overflows with 24 juniors and seniors.
  • The school’s mascot is the “Cougars.”

Despite its small size, Plevna is home to four churches:  Congregational, Baptist, Catholic, and Lutheran. 

In future posts, I will write more about my other Montana teaching stops.

We have appreciated spending time with Richard from Big Sky Buckeye.  Look for more “Behind the Scenes” in future postings.

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