Pie Wins Out!

Photo by Josh Kobayashi on Pexels.com

A late autumn afternoon coaxes Fred and Milt, two of golfing’s diehards, to make one final trip to the golf course before storing their clubs for another season.  The forecast looks a bit ominous, but the hardy duo figure they can handle anything Mother Nature throws at them.

By the time they reach the first tee, a miserable windy, rainy cold front is quickly approaching.  Fred tells Milt, “Maybe the weather will clear.”

The twosome manages to finish the first hole with a pair of pars, and they both feel confident to play the second hole.  Meanwhile, the cold, wind, and rain have arrived. 

Moving along a bit more quickly, Fred and Milt finish the second hole with a pair of bogeys.  Obviously, their thoughts are more concerned with the weather than their golf score.

Hesitating just a bit, Milt asks Fred, “Should we continue to the next hole?”

With the wind beginning to roar, Fred shouts back, “Sure, let’s go for it.”

Milt hits a near-perfect tee shot, but he can barely see the ball in the driving rain.  Before Fred can tee up his ball, the rain is beginning to turn to snow. 

Undeterred, Fred slams into his tee shot with a towering, magnificent drive.  One problem! 

Tiny snowflakes are growing exponentially bigger as Fred’s ball takes off.  Quickly, the ball disappears into a cloud of white.  Milt calls out, “Looks like we can finish this hole next spring.  Let’s get out of here!”

Fred shoots back, “Sounds like a great plan.  Let’s head to my place and see if Marge has any coffee and pie left.”

Reaching the warm and dry kitchen, the haggard golfers are greeted by the aroma of Marge’s fresh baked Dutch apple pie, topped with her mother’s secret recipe of streusel.  As the golfing buddies sit down around the kitchen table with Marge and her sweet pie, Fred remarks, “We both took a ‘snowman’ on our third hole, but Margie’s pie wins out for sure!”


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