Past Favorites: Man-Cave Friends

Exercising tonight on my stationary bike

Making me feel very much like a young tike


Listening to a playlist of songs from the past

Hoping that my strength and stamina will last


Setting a quick pace as the pedaling begins

Missing a day on the bike would be quite a sin


Biking regularly in this Man-Cave each night

Looking around the room, there is quite a sight


Sharing space with a sofa full of Teddy Bears

Watching and smiling at me as they all stare


Pushing and pulling the handles in front of my face

Pedaling with high energy at a fast and furious pace


My biking adventure will continue all of this week

Realizing these “beary” friends will be here to peek


The photo at the beginning of this post is taken inside Mrs. Buckeye’s “Bear Room.”  While I use the room to workout on my stationary bicycle from time to time, the real purpose of the room is obvious.  

13 thoughts on “Past Favorites: Man-Cave Friends

    • Thanks for reading and sharing back a bit of fun. Those bears always seem to be staring into empty space (I wonder what they are thinking). My wife has collected well over 200 teddy bears and other bear figurines.

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