Buckeye Snapshots (Issue #2)

This is the second post of a relatively new feature here at Big Sky Buckeye.  Every couple of months or so different snapshots about the Buckeye State of Ohio will be featured.

The month of October brings images of bountiful harvests and the pumpkin patch as found in the memorable comic strip “Peanuts.”  In central Ohio, the month also means the annual Circleville Pumpkin Show is approaching.

The Pride of Pickaway County is billed as the “Greatest Free Show on Earth.”  Sadly, this year’s celebration has been cancelled because of Covid-19, but let’s still check out this festive event.

“The Pumpkin Show” was first held in October, 1903.  From its humble beginnings, it started out primarily with displays of corn fodder as well as pumpkins cut out as Jack-o-Lanterns.  Now the show has grown into the sixth largest festival in the United States.

This outdoor mural, which celebrates the founding of the Pumpkin Show, is located in downtown Circleville on the side of an office building.

Yearly features include traditional favorites:

  • Parades (a total of seven)
  • Miss Pumpkin Show
  • Little Miss Pumpkin Show
  • Pumpkin Pie Eating Contest
  • Local and Regional Entertainment

Over four days and nights, nearly 400,000 people attend, with free admission.  Circleville, with a population of about 14,000, really pulls together to make this event the success which it has become.  The annual celebration has been continuously held every year except for three years during World War II.

Remaining photographs courtesy of Pinterest.

Numerous contests are organized every year around a harvest theme as well as the star of the show . . . pumpkins!

  • Art Show
  • Baked Goods
  • Flower Show
  • Canned Goods
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Home Arts and Crafts

The show begins on the third Wednesday of October and runs through Sunday.  Local community groups and charities provide food vendors as a way to raise funds for their causes.  If a person wants something uniquely made with pumpkin, he or she has come to the right place.

24 thoughts on “Buckeye Snapshots (Issue #2)

  1. What a fun event! I’ve seen water towers in the shape of a giant pecan, and one that looks like a peach, but that one’s really cool. I’m off to the farmers’ market in a minute to pick up the five pie pumpkins I ordered. I’ll bake them, and freeze the puree for goodies around the holidays.

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