Monday Memories: Forever Proud

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

His warrior image endures over the years

Witnessing a proud life, without any fears


His Native American culture continues to live on

Keeping rich and spiritual memories, never gone


Life’s simple ways will always shine bright

Displaying warrior bravery at every sight


Man and horse unite together as one

Riding his pony into the setting sun


Fierce in battle, defending his vast land

Adding to his legend, he does all he can


Younger men look up to him and follow in battle

Counting coup, his bravery becomes his mantel


This storied warrior transitions to an old man

Looking back proudly, honoring his last stand


His weathered face reveals a mighty, brave past

Lighting up eyes, with proud memories that last


The buffalo have disappeared for good

Ending a way of life, once proudly stood


Many of the old traditions are now gone

Reliving them through legend and song


The old warrior passes down past tribal history

Teaching a new generation, his ancient journey


The warrior no longer meets foes in battle today

Remembering his legacy, forever proud to say


Photo by Andrew Neel on

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