Monday Memories: Across the Street

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My retirement years usually produce a smile

But some days sink my spirits deep, by miles


My childhood sweetheart and lovely bride

Now rests with God, absent from my side


I stay occupied with my yard each morn

Discovering pleasure from nature’s form



There is a fine lady across the street

She emerges looking nice and sweet


She stays active around her place

Her yard definitely fits her tastes


The grass is mowed and trimmed

I wonder how she stays so thin



There seems, between us

A subliminal connection

Inviting her for coffee

Is my dreamy confession



Her petunias appear superior to mine

       Perhaps I’ll ask for her secret, in time       


She smiles when my puppy is outside to play

I wonder what her plans will be for this day


I imagine what she might think about me

Watching me hang a bird feeder in a tree



There seems, between us

A subliminal connection

Inviting her for coffee

Is my dreamy confession



We both come from the same generation

Her beauty creates a wonderful sensation


I’m thinking of walking across the street

Meeting this fine lady would be a treat


She steps back inside from the dry, summer heat

Perhaps tomorrow morning, we can finally meet


My Grandfather lost his childhood sweetheart and bride, but believe it or not, he found love again . . . across the street!

20 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Across the Street

  1. Whew! So glad it wasn’t Colleen! Lovely poem – romantic story – glad your grandpa discovered love a second time by having the courage to cross the street! Or was it her who took courage first??

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    • Part of my grandpa’s story goes like this . . . He went over to Janet’s garage (she lived right across the street), and she was changing her oil on her car. She was my grandpa’s third wife after losing his second wife to illness.

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    • Lisa, I appreciate you reading and sharing. My grandpa found love for the third time with the woman across the street. His childhood sweetheart(my grandma) had passed a years earlier, and his second wife passed due to illness.

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