Educator’s Prayer

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Lord, my God, hear this prayer

Bless the students in my care


Together, we’ll face each day

Overcoming times of gray


Bring patience to this classroom

Allow these young minds to bloom


Create a safe learning zone

God with us, never alone


There may be days not at school

Find ways to make learning cool


Cover colleagues with your love

Devotion, to be proud of


Send families gifts of grace

May we all stand and embrace


Loving each child in my care

Walk together in prayer

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It seems there are nearly infinite challenges to educating our youth (both in schools and universities).  My own daily prayers include significant time for teachers, students, and families during these challenging times.  I especially reach out to my former colleagues who are still teaching as well as two of my daughters who teach.  I may be retired from the classroom, but my heart still misses all whom I served and worked with.

19 thoughts on “Educator’s Prayer

  1. I’ve been learning a whole new way of teaching drama classes via zoom. When things change, we have to change too. It’s never easy, but God will be with us in all that we do.

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