Flying Coach

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Elizabeth is flying in coach seating on her way to Minnesota.  She occupies the window seat, and a quiet gentleman has been sleeping in the aisle seat.

The flight attendant offers her refreshment and a snack.  She selects a diet Coke and a bag of peanuts.  The attendant graciously leaves her the entire can.

As the plane nears its destination, Elizabeth begins to clean up her tray table.  There is a little bit of Coke left in the can, and she pushes her empty peanut bag inside of it.



Inside of the can, a surprise chemical reaction is taking place as the salt in the peanut bag mixes with the Coke.

Without warning, Elizabeth experiences Mount Vesuvius at 30,000 feet.  Her little napkin is all she has to snuff out the volcano before disaster covers her lap. 

What will she do?

Glancing to her right, she spies a blanket covering the sleeping gentleman.

9 thoughts on “Flying Coach

  1. Careful not to wake up her sleeping seat partner, Elizabeth slid the blanket off of him, threw it over the can to douse Mount Vesuvius, and pressed the call button. The flight attendant removed the mess and brought her some extra napkins to wipe up her lap. The quiet gentleman next to her was unaware of the excitement as he slept through it all.

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