Infinite Road

This poem is inspired from viewing one of the posts from Alex Markovich Art.  His Watercolor Sketch 43 stopped me in my writing tracks.  Check out his site for further watercolor sketches, Russian postcards, and much more.  There are plenty of incredible images.

person wearing white shirt walking on dirt road

Photo by Wendy Wei on

Walking this lonely road

Losing count of each step

Packing life’s hefty load

Careful not to misstep


Miles of infinite road

Where will it finally end?

Life scanned, like some bar code

What lies around the bend?


Few answers on this road

Walking day after day

Needing life to reload

Feeling like nature’s prey


Danger lurks on this road

Always staying alert

Life delayed in safe mode

Old, worn boots kicking dirt


Life resembles this road

Challenges come and go

Heavy, infinite load

Never walking too slow

alone autumn mood forest cold countryside

Photo by Gabriela Palai on

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