Speaking to Thee

This short poem is inspired from two different hymns:  “Lord, Speak to Me, That I May Speak” and “I Love to Tell the Story.”

sea on a stormy weather

Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on Pexels.com

Telling His true story

Jesus, His glory reigns

Unseen, heaven above

Breaking sinful chains


Hungering and thirsting

Weary, endless despair

Message of Salvation

Answering these prayers


Firm rock, speaking to thee

Living echoes of hope

Children, lost and alone

Faith walking life’s tightrope


Hidden depths, troubled sea

Precious wisdom fills thee

Hearing His glowing words

Loving hand calms the sea

low angle photo grayscale of person tightrope walking

Photo by Marcelo Moreira on Pexels.com

One of my favorite hymns is “Earth and All Stars” which we sang many times at my former church in Montana.  Here is a link for the hymn:

Do you have a favorite hymn (an old favorite or a more current one)?  Let’s have a discussion in the comments.  

5 thoughts on “Speaking to Thee

  1. I can see how these two sources inspired you. Your poem is beautiful. I especially liked, “Firm rock, speaking to thee – Living echoes of hope” – because our Firm Rock is indeed our only hope. Thank God for faith – and for your faith shared, Richard. Beautiful! ❤

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