Love Sings Hallelujah

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Creating a rainbow, love inspires

Connecting two lives, becoming one

Merging together, feelings inside

Celebrating, we’ve only begun


Meeting at life’s crossroads, love brings truth

Confessing before our Lord, now one

Living as a twosome, sharing love

Spending time together, never done


Cherishing our love, always special

Sharing our dreams, dwelling between us

Leading us on a life adventure

Capturing a moment, on life’s bus


Depending on each other, love bonds

Growing tired of each other, never

Celebrating God’s gifts, shared with us

Changing our minds about us, never


Weathering life’s storms, love conquers all

Singing Hallelujah, love declares

Leaning on each other, love endures

Treasuring us, God’s love truly cares

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