Elfchen Series #8 (Life)



All alone

Foster parents arrive

Bringing love and home


family of four walking at the street

Photo by Emma Bauso on Pexels.com


Stay All Day


Cascading mist

Mysterious and peaceful

Filling up tranquility’s garden


bird s eye view photography of water falls rushing through cliff

Photo by Rudolf Kirchner on Pexels.com




Competing agendas

Who is right?

Passionate debates step aside


two person shake hands

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

An Elfchen is a form of German-inspired poetry.  It is sometimes referred to as an Elevenie.  In German, Elfchen means “wee eleven.”  The poem is constructed with a total of eleven lines, distributed among five rows.  If you need more information, search the Internet for more about the basics of writing in this poetry genre.

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