Elfchen Series #7 (Life)



Brilliant white

Each one unique

Inviting more to come


brown shed near green pine trees during snow

Photo by Jonathan Aman on Pexels.com


Sweet Outcome


Stomach growls

Something to eat

Sweetness fashions a surprise



Photo by Renato Abati on Pexels.com




And woman

Husband and wife

Sharing life’s cherished journey


photo of woman riding on man s back

Photo by Laura Garcia on Pexels.com

An Elfchen is a form of German-inspired poetry.  It is sometimes referred to as an Elevenie.  In German, Elfchen means “wee eleven.”  The poem is constructed with a total of eleven lines, distributed among five rows.  If you need more information, search the Internet for more about the basics of writing in this poetry genre.


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