Remembering Red Skelton

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Growing up in the 1950s and 1960s, I witnessed many special moments on television.  I can still remember the transition from black and white televisions to color.  Shows were only available on the “big three” networks as cable offerings wouldn’t arrive for several years.

One of my family’s favorite shows was “The Red Skelton Show.”  The show will always remain a classic with the honest and genuine humor (nothing ever offended the viewers).  Red Skelton was the consummate professional, and his authentic enthusiasm for entertaining America was present in every show.

At the end of each show, Skelton paid honor and appreciation to his television audience with the simple words, “Goodnight and may God Bless.”

A recent posting of a YouTube video reminded me of the deep patriotism of Red Skelton.  I cannot remember seeing this segment so it was a treasure to view.  Enjoy Skelton’s serious and throughtful interpretation of the “Pledge of Allegiance” from one of his shows back in 1969.  The man clearly loved and cared about America.

23 thoughts on “Remembering Red Skelton

  1. My Mom and Dad loved Red Skelton. My Mom sent me that video awhile back. Such a moving speech that every American should here, especially now. I grew up watching reruns of old shows. My Dad loved The Rifleman and Bonanza and my Mom loved The Andy Griffith Show and The Walton’s (Good night Jim Bob). 🙂 I also watched Leave It To Beaver and The Beverley Hillbillies. 🙂 I love those old shows when men were men and women were women and everyone loved their country. TV is so sinful and filthy now all I can watch is Hallmark, the Weather Channel, and the Outdoor and Sportsman Channels. Mainstream TV has nothing good to offer anymore. I love when the guys on the outdoor shows give Jesus praise and say prayers. Good wholesome TV. God bless sir!

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  2. Red Skelton was one of my family’s favorites. I saw this particular show back in the 60’s – I think it may have been earlier than ’69. I think it so poignant in today’s world. There is a movement by a few misguided folks to try to take “Under God” out of our pledge. Yes, wouldn’t that be a pity??

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    • Cheryl, I appreciate you reading and sharing. I can remember my grandparents who had a color television before my parents bought one. We would drive over to their house to watch “Bonanza” on their new set, and the NBC peacock never looked so brilliant.


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