Running With Perseverance

The text for this poem is based upon God’s Word as well as a recent sermon message given at New Life Church, Gahanna, Ohio.

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From Hebrews 12:1-3


Let us throw off everything

Hindering sin, which easily entangles


Running life’s race with perseverance

Fixing faith’s eyes on Christ


He endures Calvary’s Cross

Defeating sin’s darkness and shame


Now sitting at God’s side

Bringing hope to lost hearts


The Message


Life’s treadmill defines our race

Running with God’s steady faith


Life’s marathon, hard and long

Facing emotional ups and downs


God sends His encouraging words

Overcoming defeat, distress, and despair


Trusting in Jesus, keep running

With perseverance, to the end


Jesus endures His own journey

Running to “our” bloody Cross


Following always Jesus’ faithful example

Showing us perseverance and trust


Young David ignores Goliath’s size

Focusing on faith in God


Christ faces the impossible

Yet, His journey will succeed


Jesus surrenders to God’s plan

Faithfully carrying our burdens


We all suffer sin’s consequences

Christ comes, guarding our hearts


Withstanding life’s harsh body blows

In this fallen, broken world


Take Action


Trusting God, eyes on Jesus

Focusing on Christ, remain obedient


Replacing life’s empty, negative notions

Knowing Jesus as our Savior!



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22 thoughts on “Running With Perseverance

  1. Nice post as we lighten our load that is lay them aside. Anything that will hinder our blessing we must do away with them. We only need to take up our cross and run the race with patience

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