Monday Memories: Never Taken for Granted

Here is another edition of “Monday Memories.”  This poem was written back in December, 2018, and its message may be even more relevant today than nearly a year ago.   May America or any nation never take anything for granted.

usa flag waving on white metal pole

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Never taken for granted


A young nation moves forward to be brave and free

To remove the shackles of oppression so others see


A soldier takes a bullet in a far, distant land

To protect freedoms that will always stand


Thomas Jefferson will never have to write a sequel

To state for all to read, “All men are created equal”


A minister preaches to a racially divided nation

To envision “free at last” will be his final station


A newspaper criticizes the government with much to say

To reinforce freedom of the press is always here to stay


A hesitant nation awakens while its other allies fight

To bring her vast resources in a victory full of might


A mother takes a stand at a school board meeting

To support a worthy novel that is taking a beating


A crowd protests peacefully in a city very near

To bring attention to issues without any fear


A writer uses his words to bring an issue to light

To encourage all to make a difference and fight


A President hides behind the sins of Watergate

To shamefully resign from office will be his fate


Workers strike to protest low wages and more

To organize labor unions to even up the score


A young politician inspires and leads the way

To become a worthy leader with much to say


Other nations come to the aid of a valued friend

To bring support with the troops that they send


Students stare into TV cameras with one voice

Violence in schools is truly not about a choice


A former republic declines and fades away

To witness freedom’s erosion without delay


Christ’s red blood stains an old rugged cross

To bring a second chance for all who are lost


Never taken for granted



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