Lost in the Woods: Chapter 1

2019 September 16 Woods and Ridge 0251.jpg

Pete and Willy can sometimes be adventurous boys.  Being ages ten and eight, they never stop finding excitement to fill up their lives while bringing plenty of anxiety to their parents.

The boys slip away from home one night for another adventure.  Taking a flashlight, they plan to wake-up all of the “critters” in those nearby woods.

Morning arrives, and the boys’ disappearance is noted by two very distraught adults.  The boys’ parents find a note from the brothers.  At least the fearless duo felt the need to inform Mom and Dad about their trip into the woods.

During the night, the brothers’ fortunes have not gone well.  Barely into the journey, the flashlight’s beam grows dimmer and finally dark.  The boys realize they should have been better prepared before departing on their journey.  A brief thunderstorm adds to their misery.  Now lost in the darkness, the wet and chilled boys begin to feel their enthusiasm fading by the minute.

Willy tells Pete, “We’ve really messed up now.”  The brothers stumble, and sometimes crawl, through the dense forest under a dark, cloudy, and moonless sky.

Finally, their fortunes change just a smidgen.  They discover a run-down cabin in a small clearing.  No lights, no heat, and no food—the boys at least have found some shelter for the rest of the night.

Back home, a frantic morning phone call brings Grandpa Ted to the boys’ home.  Ted consoles his worried daughter and her equally concerned husband, as he tells them, “I’ll find the boys.”

Ted grew up in these woods, and he knows every square mile.  He promises to locate the boys as quickly as possible.  “We’ll be back before Noon tomorrow,” Ted says in a reassuring voice filled with total confidence.

Meanwhile, the two brothers have made it through the night.  The old, abandoned cabin is not much of a place, but at least it provides Pete and Willy with a roof over their heads.

Remembering some wise words from their Grandpa, the boys realize they must stay put.  With a morsel of confidence, Pete tells Willy, “Help is on the way!”

abandoned broken cabin calamity

Photo by Spencer Selover on Pexels.com

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