Monday Memories: Tasty Chocolate Bar

two chocolate bars on top of brown wooden table

Photo by Marta Dzedyshko on

Waking up too early, in quite a wretched fickle

Checking my coins, cannot even find a nickel


Spending my last bit of change last night

For a delicious Hershey bar, my delight


Taking a long, relaxing walk in the woods

Then finding myself farther than I should


Stopping to snack on a sweet Hershey bar

I realize that my journey has gone too far


Suddenly from behind a cluster of pine trees

Comes something much, much bigger than me


A hungry black bear scampers towards me

I flee the scene at a harried pace, you see


The famished bear welcomes a tasty, sweet treat

For my yummy chocolate bar has fallen at his feet

zoo bear

Photo by Rasmus Svinding on

16 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Tasty Chocolate Bar

    • Crissy, I am pleased you enjoyed a sweet moment. Thankfully, the encounter with a bear is fiction, but in the past I definitely enjoyed a Hershey bar. I can still remember when they cost a nickel.


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