Cautious Lookout


Photo by Miriam Fischer on

Moving along the trail, sweat runs down my back

Suddenly . . . both feet hastily stop in their tracks


Mother deer and fawn walk into my view

My eyes check the scene for any clues


The pair ventures cautiously across

Deserting another doe, feeling lost


My body stands rigid, still, and tall

Not intending to panic them at all


Mother steps back, standing quietly still

Starring back, I am amazed at this thrill


Her young fawn follows with a few steps

Looking to mother for guidance, you bet


Feeling the pleasure of stopping to watch

These two deer pause . . . I feel caught


Time stands still for a few seconds longer

My eyes survey with an inquisitive hunger


Alas, my camera didn’t make this walk

Now, only this writer’s verses will talk


Prudently, the vigilant doe keeps an eye on me

Protecting her fawn from any danger she sees


The two deer meander back into the woods

Probably glad to be done with me for good


This moment in time creates delicious prose

Not often do deer pause briefly, just to pose


The mother proves to be a cautious lookout

When she and her timid fawn wander about


Dear readers, have you experienced any encounters with deer or other wild animals.  You are invited to share your experiences with a comment.  I look forward to reading and replying back.

8 thoughts on “Cautious Lookout

  1. “These two deer pause . . . I feel caught”

    Talk about a deer being caught in the headlights, literally! 😄 I’ve never encountered deers, for where I live, we don’t have any.

    Liked by 1 person

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