At the Door

blue wooden french doors

Photo by Luis Quintero on

Jesus stands ready


He understands life

With its hardships


He’s walked there

Experiencing it all


His body bears

Marks of death


Hands forever scarred

Feet harshly pierced


He defeated death

Empty tomb proclaims


He understands thee

Life’s never-ending turmoil


He offers hopefulness

Encouraging and loving


His reassuring voice

Calming all worries


Life’s sufferings appear

Generating lasting tenacity


Trusting in Him

Rock of Salvation


Sending steadfast love

From heaven above


Faithful and righteous

Extending into Eternity


Never be afraid

Always trust Him


Hearing His words

Praising and soothing


Giving peaceful strength

Against harsh times


Open one’s heart

Closed door opens


Jesus stands ready

opened brown wooden french door

Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy on

Here are two other Christian-based poems that have been previously published from a few months ago.  


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