Numbers Come Alive


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The world of numbers is amazing and alive

All enrich lives as we conquer and divide


A great lucky number is one

Life’s always so much fun

Superstitions warn us that thirteen

Is very unlucky unless one is a teen

One may be the loneliest number for sure

Unless two brings love that feels so pure

Seven continents and seven days in a week

Seven may bring even better fortunes to seek

Some exclaim seven will bring luck

Unless it keeps one forever stuck

A popular lottery number is eleven

Bringing more luck than even seven

The twelve tribes of Israel come to mind

Twelve months of the year fit just fine

The posted highway speed limit sits at 50

Sorry officer, my foot was a bit heavy at 60

March 14 is well known to students for its “pi”

Perchance, there is a “real” piece if we all try

The Hawaiian alphabet is made up of thirteen letters

For some, the thirteen floor is unlucky, never better

Down under in Australia, koalas soundly sleep

For eighteen hours without even a small peep


Do you like to see what your numbers say?

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