We Have a Friend

people silhouette during sunset

Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

Yes, we have no better friend than you

What we have is special and very true

We possess a dear friend in Jesus, our Savior

He comes down to us, bringing abundant favor

Our Lord descends to earth with His human face

His Son comes to bring salvation from rich grace

Yes, we have no better friend than Christ, the King

He washes white our sinful nature that now stings

God’s son walks ahead of us to the solitary Cross

His journey brings generous hope for all of the lost

He heals the sick and His words speak truth

His family tree goes through David and Ruth

Yes, we have no better friend than Jesus

His wise words reach out to each of us

Today we bow down and take a knee

Our Father offers His grace for free

We all take up our own Cross and follow Christ

His salvation comes from God, filled with might

Yes, we have no better friend than our Lord

His rich blessings will bring all of us on board

As Christians, we most certainly have no better friend than Jesus, our Savior.  What inspires you to walk each day with our Lord?


13 thoughts on “We Have a Friend

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    • Ryan, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wanted to write a poem about having a friend, and my words captured our relationship with Christ instead. There are times when the Spirit influences what I write. I feel very humble and always give praise to the Lord.

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