Journey to America

statue of liberty new york

Photo by Mat Brown on

Images of immigrants arriving at America’s shores

Families hope the United States offers much more

Huddled and crowded together on ships bound for another land

Dreaming of moving forward and receiving an outstretched hand

Most Americans trace immigrants back to their family roots

Their ancestors arrived ready to energize lives with a boost


Singer Neil Sedaka proclaims the immigrants anxious arrival

“The Immigrant” sings of harbors open for their survival

Coming to America is immortalized as Neil Diamond sings

“America” tells a fascinating story that only his lyrics bring

Both Sedaka and Diamond write beautiful and appropriate text

America can do better than people shouting, “You are not next”


Imagine the excitement felt upon seeing Lady Liberty

She has welcomed people to America for an eternity

Her torch offers a bright beacon of light, assurance, and hope

America stretches out its welcoming hand much like a rope

This openhearted Lady, gifted from France, stands solemn

She invites the less fortunate to arrive in long columns


Emma Lazarus, an offspring of immigrants, expresses it best

Her poetic words in “The New Colossus” surely pass the test

Her inspiring words paint a rich and emotional image for all

To see how a mighty Lady and America will forever stand tall


America’s melting pot overflows with a rich, sweet taste

Tales from immigrants deserve to be heard without haste

Immigration has recently become a heated, national debate

America’s history shows patience in opening its welcome gate

The lyrics of “The Immigrant” can be found at Neil Sedaka.

The lyrics of “America” can be found at Neil Diamond.

The verses of “The New Colossus” can be found at Emma Lazarus.

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