Engineering Marvels


brooklyn bridge new york

Photo by Chris Molloy on

Designed to carry a road or cross a ravine or river

Bridges are constructed to carry a load to deliver


Bridge designs range from very simple to complex

Some look very basic and daunting from the rest


More primitive bridges make one’s legs tremble and shake

Crossing them seems like a journey, certainly not to make


Scaling Everest, the world’s tallest and best known peak

Climbers use a crevasse bridge for the thrills they seek


Relishing a drive along many of America’s roads, without despair

Crossing a covered bridge that is unique and kept in good repair


More complex types are designed with beauty it seems

Trestle, arch, suspension, girder, drawbridge, and beam


Famous bridges are found nearly everywhere

Nearly all are built with a great amount of care


Sadly, a small number of bridges weaken and collapse

Due to flooding, earthquakes, or an engineering lapse


Pittsburgh proclaims to be the “City of Bridges” at last count

But, New York City possesses more bridges, without a doubt


Some bridges are named after people of notable fame

Benjamin Franklin and Andy Warhol, a couple to name


Other bridges are found in legends, films, and books

Golden Gate, Mackinac, and Brooklyn—take a look!


European designers have been busy in many places

Hamburg and Amsterdam’s bridges fill their spaces


Bridges comprise some of man’s grandest monuments of all

Designing impressive engineering marvels that shouldn’t fall


As some plan to demolish an old, downtrodden bridge

Expect others to stand and cry out, “Save Our Bridge”

2018 August Montana Trip 211.JPG

The Great River Bridge spans the Mississippi River at the Iowa-Illinois border.

2018 August Montana Trip 208.JPG

Entering Burlington, Iowa, a closer view of the Great River Bridge.













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