Blizzard’s Awesome Fury

monochrome photography of snow capped house

Photo by Frans Van Heerden on

The blizzard arrives quickly in the mid-afternoon

Snowing and blowing in full force much too soon

Dangerous Arctic cold blasts across the land

Alerting all to keep warmth and safety at hand

Homes surrounded by constant, swirling snow

Creating snowdrifts as high as the windows go

Furnaces and boilers work overtime to provide heat

Keeping all inside warm from the cold is quite a feat

Small towns feel painfully isolated and totally alone

Waiting for supply trucks that can only stay home

Senior class girls feel heartbroken when they hear

Postponing the school’s Winter Formal that’s so dear

Narrow, empty highways fill with too much snow and ice

Waiting for snowplows that stand ready to roll the dice

Ranchers plowing deep and drifting snow with big tractors

Reaching their hungry cattle to feed is a life-saving factor

Teachers continue playing cards and games all night long

Knowing that tomorrow’s classes definitely won’t be on

The grocery store shelves grow empty and scarce of food

Praying the storm stops to change everyone’s gloomy mood

Children enjoy the time that is now full of fun and play

Cheering that school has been postponed for a few days

Friends and neighbors check closely on one another

Remembering old Ed who doesn’t want any to bother

The longer the blizzard rages will bring everyone much worry

Fretting about a loss of electricity that may come in a hurry

Finally, the storm slowly ceases its frigid, winter blast

Knowing that for most, let’s move forward now at last

The town and the ranches work tirelessly to dig out

Opening up roads to ease many worries and doubts

The old timers say this awesome storm is worse than ‘78

Knowing that all have survived the fury’s reckless fate


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