Little Things Become Big Things

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Have you ever seriously thought?

How little things in our lives become big things


A single snowflake falls at sundown

Becomes a skier’s paradise at sunrise


A single encouraging thought

Becomes the key to unlock a young mind


A single thoughtful gesture

Becomes a way for others to “pay it forward”


A single painting by an artist

Becomes a masterpiece for all generations


A single drop of rain

Becomes a nourishing drink for flowers so bright


A single warm smile

Becomes the connection between a father and daughter


A single laboratory discovery

Becomes the means to cure a disease


A single lightning strike in the forest

Becomes a way for nature to manage itself


A single book read at a young age

Becomes an inspiration for life-long reading


A single win for a struggling team

Becomes the spark for a championship run


A single handwritten short story

Becomes the inspiration for an award-winning novel


A single diamond engagement ring

Becomes a long and lasting marriage


A single simple prayer

Becomes the bridge between one and God


A single moment of intimate love

Becomes the birth of a blessed child


A single job interview

Becomes an incredible and fulfilling career


A single bright-shining star

Becomes the beacon to proclaim Christ’s birth


True, not all little things lead to good things

But, with patience and God’s guidance, some will become great!








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