Where’s My Spark?

woman sleeping

Photo by Ivan Obolensky on Pexels.com

My ears hear the wind chimes at play

Their music brings little value to say

My mind tries to listen closely, but cannot

The emotions pile around me, tied in a knot

My melancholy spirit remains dismal and sad

The gray skies never ever make me feel glad

My heart is filled with much loneliness

The day’s outlook fills with emptiness

My emotions have been left too bare

Life’s troubles bring much to scare

My eyes only notice the bad and the ugly

The good has never made me feel snuggly

My heart aches from many past wounds

So many others’ words make me swoon

My body needs to begin moving soon

No!  Let’s linger in bed til’ afternoon

My room remains motionless and dark

Please God, help me to find my spark

Many of us have experienced infrequent bouts of depression.  Sometimes life’s challenges can overwhelm any of us.  Others deal with depression as an illness that follows him or her like a persistent shadow.  If you know of someone who battles depression on a long-term basis, you probably have a great deal of empathy for this person.