Monday’s Memories: A Mother’s Light

[From January, 2020]  This poem is written to honor one of my daughters in Montana.  She celebrates a birthday this week with her husband and three children.  May God continue to fill her home with His blessings.  

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A mother’s heart fills the world with light

Born on a winter day, her life takes flight


Her loving and caring mother nurtures each day

Providing a Godly witness, with richness to say


God fills this young girl’s life with amazing gifts

Watching her exciting life mature, never adrift


God prepares a woman to be an attentive mother

Gathering life’s essentials, she is like none other


Christ walks at her side, creating genuine smiles

Feeling His presence, her life goes the extra mile


A young man catches her discerning eye with love

Unifying this couple, under blue skies from above


Their lives moving forward, with a balanced pace

Witnessing marriage and family, God as its base


This mother through it all, feels God waiting nearby

Striding ahead, her Lord’s Word glorifying the “why”


With each generation, a mother shares her light

Inspiring her children, to grow under God’s sight

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From Isaiah 60:1:  “Arise, shine; for Your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.”

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