Monday Memories: Walk of Faith

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Public baptism by immersion occurs on this date

Young girl reveals her guided walk to faith’s gate


Scripture speaks of baptism at every turn

From this girl, we all have so much to learn


Believe, be baptized, and continue to be brave

For Christ arose and escaped from His grave


All are baptized into one body so pure

Made to drink one spirit, totally for sure


Christ’s baptism launches His ministry, rich for all

In God’s presence, His words forever stand tall


Scorned persecutor of Jesus’ faithful, Christian way

Saul baptized as Paul, with Lord’s forgiveness to stay


Believers baptized under God’s authority of thee

Through Father, Son, and Holy Spirit which see


Baptism generates life’s faithful walk, filled with newness

Youthful girl accepts Jesus as Savior, blessed trueness


Feeling transforming spirit of Father’s Holy, living water

Accepting God’s purpose, living as newfound daughter


This young girl’s act of faith inspires so many others

Opening eyes to witness, every sister and brother

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This poem, written in February of 2019, has been updated in style.  The content reveals the public baptism of a granddaughter back on this date.

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