Monday Memories: Mountaintop Wedding

My youngest daughter was married on February 2, 2018, and this poem was written to honor the special day experienced by a loving couple.  The poem was originally published in January, 2019.  It has been updated and edited in style.

Photo by Sandy on

Montana’s Lone Mountain stands above most peaks

Providing skiing challenges and thrills for all to seek


Today brings sweet, special time on this tallest mountain

Witnessing marriage joy, more beautiful than any fountain


On cloudless and frigid Friday, love will indeed arrive

Blessing God’s joining of two people, to forever thrive


This loving couple enjoys their shared passion to ski

Planning to tie marital knot, wedding party shall see


Carried to lofty summit, gondola ride quite soaring

Bride and groom cement their love at mid-morning


There’s no more beautiful moment than a wedding

Linking of two lives as one, in this majestic setting


Wedding vows exchanged in blusterous, bitter cold

Sharing their simple words of love, special and bold


Precious wedding rings left at home, safely hidden

Dropping them in deep powder, would be forbidden


Brief ceremony proceeds to its eventual conclusion

Watching husband kissing wife, seals God’s union


Newly married couple, outfitted in finest skiing attire

Skiing as husband and wife, before daylight expires


Easy to find, youthful bride finishing her downhill run

Wearing white veil on top of her helmet, just for fun


Husband and wife, skiers with remarkable skill

Sharing and enjoying further runs, sharing thrills


Holy Father sanctifying this couple’s wedding day

Smiling at faithful love, with beloved words to say


Here’s the happy and now married couple after their first ski run as husband and wife. My daughter decided to dress up a bit by wearing her wedding veil.

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