Monday Memories: European Christmas Traditions

This poem, originally written and published in December, 2018, has been updated in its style. The basic theme remains the same from the original post.

Americans celebrate many Christmas traditions from far away

Several come from Europe, continuing to bless lives to this day


Christmas in Europe recognized on one of two dates

Gregorian or Julian calendar establishes its final fate


Much of the European continent observes St. Nicholas Day

Exchanging gifts of sweets will make it the merriest of days


In German homes, Advent calendars displayed every year

Eating sweet fruit bread, exchanging gifts with those near


Spain holds special Midnight Mass throughout its vast land

Walking the streets on Christmas Eve, with torches in hand


French homes decorated with Christ’s Nativity, sharing its light

Burning in fireplaces, cherry wood Yule logs illuminate so bright


Old Man Christmas—Romania’s Father Christmas—Santa’s tagline

Singing beloved Christmas carols, blessed children’s voices shine


November and December fill Danish life with parties and more

Receiving presents, every Advent Sunday offers much in store


St. Nicholas drops in on expectant children in Ukrainian towns

Singing on the streets, Christmas carols remove sad frowns


Naples creates most magnificent Nativity scenes of all-time

Savoring Italian Christmas cake and hot chocolate, so fine


Many British homes adorn and trim two Christmas trees

Decorating with plenty of holly, ivy, and mistletoe to see


America’s European ancestors brought much to this land

Celebrating Christmas with traditions, enduring and grand


All photographs courtesy of Pinterest.

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