Generation to Generation

The inspiration for this poem comes from an essay written by William E. Farr, “Troubled Bundles, Troubled Blackfeet:  The Travail of Cultural and Religious Renewal.”  This essay is part of a larger collection of writings that link Montana’s past with its future in the book, MONTANA LEGACY.

Courtesy of Pinterest.

Facing an uncertain world

Life asking questions of “when”

Intertribal wars threaten

Hostile danger setting in


Preserving Blackfeet culture

Each passing generation

Saving sacred heritage

Hold for next generation


Ritual artifacts cache

Spiritual lives won’t rest

Supernatural visions

Medicine dreams will attest


Honoring warrior life

Holy treasures speaking out

Collected and safeguarded

Sacred bundles carry clout


Filling with key elements

Common and natural sought

Feathers, hides, shells, horns added

Teeth, wood, bones . . . each with a thought


Passing on these rituals

Mother Earth, Creative Sun

Guarding life’s sacred relics

Legacy, father to son


Sample of a bundle’s contents (courtesy of Pinterest).

13 thoughts on “Generation to Generation

    • Thanks for reading this poem. Being a native of Montana, I have followed the history of the Native Americans in my home state. Living in Ohio now, there is little connection here with their plight.


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