60’s Flashback

The decade of the 1960’s brought many new gadgets, tools, and toys into stores across America and around the world.  Some of these products still exist today in their original form or with a modern update.  All images are courtesy of Pinterest.

Kodak Instamatic 104 Camera

The tradition of ground-breaking technology continued with Kodak’s newest camera in 1963.

Barbie Doll

The #1 doll of the decade arrived in 1959, and it made Mattel a fortune.  The doll reflected the mod-inspired fashion style of the 1960’s.

Uncle Milton’s Ant Farm

This popular “formicarium” or ant farm is still produced today, and it was one of the top sellers during the decade.

Sunbeam Mixmaster

This innovative kitchen device was the best-selling mixer of the decade.  I can still remember my Grandmother making her famous whipped potatoes with this mixer, and my Mother owned one as well.


This popular toy was invented in 1960 by French toymaker Andre Cassagnes, and later it was sold in America through the Ohio Art Company.

West Bend Flavo-Matic

Long before drip coffee brewing machines, the good ol’ percolator brewed America’s coffee throughout the decade and beyond.

Chatty Cathy

This doll was the second most popular in North America (first sold in 1959).  When pulling Cathy’s string, she was capable of saying one of eleven phrases.


I hope you enjoyed a journey back in time.  I imagine some of you used one or more of these products.  Do you have any other gadgets or toys from the 60’s that you remember?

25 thoughts on “60’s Flashback

  1. I love love nostalgia and the artifacts that call its warmth to mind. A very beautiful post. I can imagine too, that collecting this information and its research was no easy task. Thank you for starting my day with a big smile. Blessings 👍😊💃

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