Faith Sees Us Through

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Throughout much of my teaching career in Montana, I personally witnessed the labors and hard work of farmers and ranchers on the eastern plains.  Their faithful perseverance will always be a testament of their faith in a God who will see us through.

The labors of a family wait for another harvest.  Fields of spring wheat are maturing rapidly under the blistering hot, August sun.  The heads of grain are filling out and turning harvest gold.

A year’s worth of income rests in these fields.  Three generations view God’s bounty with praise and thanksgiving.

An aging grandfather has witnessed the good times and bad.  While he has slowed down a bit, he still looks forward to operating the combine at harvest time.  He becomes as excited as a young boy while watching the header cut the ripened grain.

His son, now a mature and tested father, has followed in his footsteps.  He returned to the farm ten years ago when his father suffered a heart attack.  He manages the day-to-day operations as skillfully as his father ever did.

A teenage boy, both grandson and son, has observed his father’s long hours and hard work.  He values his grandfather’s wisdom and experience.  He plans to attend the state’s land grant university during the upcoming fall semester, but first he needs to help out with harvest.

One evening, with harvest set to begin soon, these three generations of men view a field closest to their homes.  The grain is heavy, filled with high protein content, and will fetch an honest price at market.

Dark clouds loom to the northwest as a storm appears heading away from their farm.  The three men turn in for the night, feeling confident and safe.

The next morning, the sun comes up right on schedule, but this season’s harvest has been cruelly cancelled.

Overnight the storm changed its route.  Heavy rain, strong winds, and large hail shredded every bit of grain far and wide.  Not even a cow would be able to find any nourishment.

The grandson has never seen such devastation, and he is emotionally numb and filled with shock.

His father knows the coming year will be filled with hardship and uncertainty.  With God’s guidance, somehow he will carefully balance the books. 

The grandfather prays to God, asking the Lord to provide for the family as He always has—in the best of times, and now the darkest.  He opens his Bible and reads the following verse from Isaiah 40:10: 

“Do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.”

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15 thoughts on “Faith Sees Us Through

  1. Thankful in all things indeed. It is hard work farming. Reading this story reminded me how when we were in the fields thinking how did my granddad do this all by himself before his kids came, and then us? But even after we came, he did most all the work. He was not the most religious man in the world. His favourite word was taking the LORD’s name in vain. But when his feet hit the floor in the morning you would hear him say, Rise and shine for the light has come Isaiah 60:1. He never missed a morning, ever. And he would sing hymns while plowing, planting, picking, etc.

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  2. Such is the life of a farmer. How I appreciate their hard work – and the faith of our forefathers who kept striving and believing even in the face of such devastation. A story well told, Richard. ❤

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  3. Touching, reminding us that God is with us through all we face. I think this time in history it is so important to remember this so we don’t get paralyzed with fear. Thank you for this reminder. hugs, pat

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    • Pat, I appreciate your thoughts. My many years of teaching, especially in Montana’s farming and ranching communities, taught me the value of resilience. God will always be our source. Blessings.


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