Monday Memories: Honey Tree

Today’s memory changes up a bit.  Instead of a previously published poem, here is a short story from May, 2019.  It is an example of micro fiction (with 115 words).  Enjoy!

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A famished black bear rummages through the thick, overgrown forest.  His endless appetite resembles a midnight thief raiding the fridge for a sweet tasting snack.

His ravenous mood brings him to an ancient tree trunk, containing a large opening.  The tree might as well display a flashing sign:  HONEY!

The bear’s sweet tooth needs to be satisfied, but before he can explore further . . . a warning signal vibrates through the inside of the tree.

The colony of honeybees has been notified that an intruder has arrived at their honey factory:  HONEY ALERT! 

A swarm of bees flies into attack position.  The lead striker says, “We have the target in sight.” 

GO!    GO!    GO!


19 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Honey Tree

    • Diana, thanks for stopping in. The story is one of my older ones, and it was effective with its short and sweet style. I will continue to post previously published short stories once in awhile on Monday’s. Take care and I pray those nasty hurricanes stay away from you.

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