Monday Memories: Heavenly Tranquility

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Life sometimes motors along much too fast

Leaving us hungry for something that lasts


A journey to a big city, feeling so alone

Thinking I should have stayed at home


I am not used to being in the big city, yes

Realizing my Lord has put me to this test


The final morning arrives, thank goodness

Dreaming of any place, filled with fullness


My morning walk takes me to a hidden place

Parking itself near a stadium, comes a taste


A botanical garden erupts with vibrant color

Blossoming the landscape, like none other


Colors of every imaginable shade and hue

Beholding God’s brilliance, eternally true


My eyes capture incredible memories that last

Experiencing heavenly tranquility, what a blast


God brought me here today for a special reason

Planning to share His love, no matter the season 

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18 thoughts on “Monday Memories: Heavenly Tranquility

  1. This is so beautiful. I have been wondering what the LORD brought me here for, to this big bustling city. It is so huge compared to where my home is. So busy, so much going on, it is nothing like I am use to. But then I’ll see some trees, hear birds singing, see the sunrise or set, and see there there is God’s beauty every where.

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    • Margaret, I share some of the same thoughts. I spent about 50 years out west in Montana, but moving to Columbus, Ohio has brought me into a much larger urban setting. Thank goodness, I am minutes away from a more rural setting.

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  2. Yes, when we find ourselves in an unbelievably beautiful place (like you did today), it is good to remember, “God brought me here today for a special reason / Planning to share His love, no matter the season.” God is good!! Your poem is lovely, Richard. ❤

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    • Leola, when I originally published this poem back in August, it was inspired by one of your posts with a beautiful garden photograph taken in Montreal. Your photography and love of God’s creation is a special gift, and I appreciate you sharing it.


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