Monday Memories: God’s Mighty Fortress

red castle tower

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I awaken with a heavy heart today

Sleeping later than usual if I may


My thoughts are with those in dire need

Hoping their lives will blossom to please


When a person cares about others nearby

Feeling their sadness and sorrow going by


It causes me to really stop and think

Dashing my energy whenever I blink


I feel like running to those who suffer so

Forgetting the many miles that I must go


I reach for my Bible at this morning hour

Reading God’s word that forever towers


His amazing grace and love always fill me up

Plugging the vacuum of a sinner who’s corrupt


My Bible journey transports me to Psalm 31

Allowing the words to reach out, one by one


I pursue refuge with my almighty God, my Lord

Delivering to me His righteousness, like a sword


God has created a holy, mighty fortress for all

Carrying all of us to a safe place before we fall


Lord, remove me from this netting that holds thee

Allowing my troubles to fall as I drop to my knees


I extend my troubled hand out to His

Guiding me to bless Him and all that is


My Lord has redeemed me to stand firm

Sending me forth to help others in return

Waking up on a morning when my own heart was indeed very heavy, God transformed my attitude in His way.  Before writing this poem, I was reading a short devotional, and the Biblical text sent me to  Psalm 31:1-5.  Use the link to read these inspiring verses.

8 thoughts on “Monday Memories: God’s Mighty Fortress

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