Thanksgiving Blessings

From Psalm 28:8:  “The Lord is the strength of His people; He is the saving refuge of His anointed.”

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Jesus, our true Savior and rock

You repay us many times over

For our sinfulness brings pain

Always, His witness is sought


Thankful, for Jesus stands here

He blesses us, our cup overflows

Jesus, our strength and shield

He calms hearts, never to fear


Writing a new song for our Lord

Words praising Him far and wide

Glorifying Jesus, God’s Holy Son

Accepting Jesus, climb aboard


Jesus alone, is our lasting Salvation

He gathers us, never to be shaken

Our patient Lord waits in silence

He knows when to save His nation


Trust in Christ, accept His goodness

Believe in Him, with heart and soul

The Messiah reigns forever and ever

His Words speak love and forgiveness


Jesus sits at the center of this day

Filling each Thanksgiving blessing

Covering all families with His love

Looking to Him, a delicious buffet

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