Monday Memories: Making a Difference

Every Monday, Big Sky Buckeye will edit and update a poem from December, 2018.  This “Monday Memory” carries a great deal of significance because it salutes the hardworking staff at Buckeye Middle School in Columbus, Ohio.  This was my final school assignment during the last nine years of a fulfilling teaching career.

building ceiling classroom daylight

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Anchoring the Southside on Parsons Avenue

Buckeye Middle School presents quite a view


Providing a safe, caring, and nurturing school

The dedicated staff is the definition of “cool”


Displaying patience despite the everyday grind

Everyone makes a big difference in all they find


Working as a team throughout the school year

They face many challenges with nothing to fear


Laboring patiently at their craft each and every day

All have chosen a worthy profession, they will say


Giving a great deal of themselves and even more

A humble and hardworking team has much in store


Saluting the Buckeye staff as heroes above the rest

Hats off to all of them for performing their very best!

Buckeye Middle School

Here is Buckeye Middle School!

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