Praying for America

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Being a Christian with benevolence residing in my heart, I pray daily for America.  With a positive outlook, let us never forsake our nation or any nation.  Because we can learn and apply many lessons from America’s roots; may we, as a nation and as a global community, reach out with renewed hope.  

Some proclaim America is drifting away

But God is great, He will point the way

He totally understands our weaknesses—yes!

From them come God’s strengths—no less!


God sees our miscalculations and missteps

Our Lord observes the discord we’ve met

God hears and sees all, He lets out a sigh

May He fill us with His wisdom from high


The Lord hears harsh words, we regret

They are but, an utterly empty breath

God will not forsake us or any nation

He won’t abandon our grave situation


The righteous experience the arrival of hope

Those upright in hearts, follow God’s scope

When our nation’s footing continues to slip

God’s steadfast love marches, without a skip


Look up, always trust, and continue to believe

Allow Christ’s assurance to shine and please

God reigns faithfully, compassion so awesome

His love prevails with Spirit, always to blossom


We, like Christ’s Disciples, occasionally lack faith

Recall the feeding of five thousand on that date

Jesus brings the Gospel forward, front and center

Soften our harsh rhetoric, allow the Gospel to enter


God’s House shall not be divided, nor torn apart

United, a nation stands resilient, God in its heart

The Lord is our stronghold, gather together

Allow His safe refuge to be our rock forever


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20 thoughts on “Praying for America

  1. Your prayerful message touched my heart. If only we could ALL remember that “United, a nation stands resilient.” One nation – UNDER GOD – that’s the key. May we avoid the arrows that fly to divide us – and capture the Spirit that seeks to bring us together. ❤

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