Love’s Destiny

white united airlines plane

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Waking up early on a cold December day

Love fills a man’s heart with much to say

Driving for hours down a solitary highway

Love travels along in an encouraging way


Discovering ways, over the months, of staying close

Love opens up ways to correspond, making the most

Sending beautiful notes, cards, emails, and more

Love delivers its delightful words—ready to soar

Receiving a call at pre-arranged times

Love melts the distance, always fine


Pulling into the Bismarck airport, ticket in hand

Love boards an airplane, heading to a new land

Flying east through endless, friendly skies

Love reminisces with a smile, as time flies

Transferring to one more flight, halfway there

Love paints with color, adding magic and flair


Landing in Columbus, awakens anxious emotion

Love lights up, presenting its passionate devotion

Waiting for luggage, eyes intently searching wide

Love waits for a woman to appear from the side

Meeting at long last, up close and personal today

Love radiates between two souls, with lots to say


Loving each other, despite the great distance

Love creates a spark, more than an instance

Witnessing love through God’s guiding hands

Love finds a way to a pair of wedding bands


Photo by Irina Iriser on

This story is true.  The love expressed between two people conquered the miles between Ohio and Montana.  Now you know the rest of the story.  My bride and I recently celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. 

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