Distant Beating Drum

One can hear a distant drum beating as Native American culture faces an neverending onslaught upon their way of life.  It all begins in 1607 with the settlement of the Jamestown colony.  Listen closely, do you hear . . .


Photo by Darcy Delia on Pexels.com

A distant beating drum . . .


Europeans sail to a pristine land

Fixated with ways of the Red Man

Ignoring these Native Americans

They push inland because they can


A distant beating drum . . .


Wealth and greed motivate the White Man

Appropriating riches found by his hands

Native Americans outnumber these men

Unaware of the many more to be sent


A distant beating drum . . .


Native Americans trade land for peace

Hoping the greed and violence will cease

A new American culture lusts for more

Their hunger for more continues to soar


A distant beating drum . . .


Slowly Native Americans sadly retreat

Heartbroken, their culture faces defeat

Maintaining their language and traditions

Now experiencing life with new conditions


Where has the silent beating drum gone?

selective focus photo of brown dreamcatcher

Photo by Artem Beliaikin @belart84 on Pexels.com

Native American culture struggles to hold on to its footprint of life in today’s world.  In Maryland, the Choptank nation long ago assimilated into the European-based culture.  Out West, a system of reservations have failed to provide a stable way of life.  The lands set aside in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Oklahoma have created a setting for poverty and a lack of sufficient opportunities for the Native people.

If you enjoyed reading this poem and hunger for more about Native American history and the life out West, feel free to check out these previously published poems.




22 thoughts on “Distant Beating Drum

  1. I grew up going to Native American events here in Colorado. I even wrestled a young native kid my age when I was around 10. That is how he introduced himself. He just tackled me and we wrestled in the dirt for a bit. I just laughed and then he threw his arm around me and we were buds. I remember sitting with him at the edge of a canyon just looking quietly at the beauty. My family line actually has Native American blood in it. One of my ancestors from my Mom’s side from Germany married a Seneca princess when he came to America. My Mom always said that is why we have high cheek bones. It is a tragedy what happened to all the tribes. May the Lord bring healing. God bless you!

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