Final Lap

red racing car on race track during daytime

Photo by Daniel on

Destined to command the pack around the track

The shiny and high-speed race car never slacks

Fine-tuned to outrun and outmuscle every foe

This car will sprint to the finish, never too slow

Racing for a championship with 200 grueling laps

The experienced driver is favored to win in a snap

Waiting all week for race day to finally arrive

The rest of the field wonders how to survive

Handled with precision, the favorite speeds onward

The driver’s bubbling confidence shines forward

Taking the lead from the start of the 500 mile sprint

The cool, poised driver stays ahead as others flinch

Hearing the engine competing at its maximum speed

Four, three, two laps and one more to finish the deed

Running razor-close to the edge of the wall

The driver knows the competition shall fall

Entering the final corner of today’s dominating ride

The car fuels excitement with nothing ever to hide

Anticipating the checkered flag waiting at the finish line

The driver applies a final burst of speed for the last time


Victory ahead . . .




Crushed into the outer wall takes away smiles

This car won’t be racing for quite a long while

Saddened by a single error and a disastrous mistake

The driver grimaces at his unfortunate luck and fate


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