Hiring a Pastor


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A church must deal with finding a pastor quickly

Unfortunately, their preferences are a bit picky

Another applicant’s letter is presented to all

Perhaps this candidate will impress and not fall

His submitted application lists many qualifications

If there is any anguish, his will meet disqualification

I have been a successful pastor in many places

My writing has proven beneficial in several cases

My ability to organize new churches has been strong

As for my leadership traits, few if any are ever wrong

My age is adding a few years to my hard life

But my experiences bring me no fear or strife

I have never preached anywhere for longer than three years

Sometimes my preaching has disrupted and created much fear

I am not ashamed to say that I’ve been in jail a few times

None of this has been caused by any wrongdoing of mine

While my health is declining, I continue to push on

I feel a need to continue preaching about God’s song

In some communities, other religious leaders haven’t liked me

Some have even threatened and attacked for what they see

My recordkeeping skills are very poor at best

I am forgetful about baptisms and the rest

Hopefully, you will put your concerns aside

I, Apostle Paul, will in God always abide

I found a letter with details about this situation many years ago.  Anyone can search the Internet for this letter as well as sermons that are based upon Apostle Paul being a pastoral candidate at a church.  For an example, go to Paul.


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