Sweet Tasting Fruit Cake

Another Christmas is approaching, soon to be here

Sharing a delicious treat, makes one’s mission clear

Chef Benson’s “Old Home Classic” has been baked

Running to the local grocery, to find one to take

Christmas fruit cakes fill a shopping cart

Making each shopper feel clever and smart

Each cake is guaranteed to surprise and please

Weighing a full pound, taste buds will be teased

Each fruit cake is prepared with home-baked care

Allowing many, many others to send one to share

The highest quality ingredients go into each slice

Bringing a rich sweetness that will very likely entice

The special recipe includes ingredients plus yummy fruit

Filled with golden raisins, cherries, and pineapple to suit

Pecan and walnut pieces add much to the flavor

Tasting this delicious cake is something to savor

Each serving is filled with additional nutrition so great

Adding high fructose corn syrup, hunger meets its fate

Benson’s special fruit cake makes a great gift each year

Sending to all of one’s family and friends far and near

Each package comes without any expiration date

Re-gifting this cake to someone else may be its fate


This delectable fruit cake is just waiting for someone to taste!


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