Nocturnal Beauty

lake beside forest photography

Photo by Egor Kamelev on

A magnificent oak tree stands center in a park

Waiting with quiet majesty in the solitary dark

The blackness of night only adds to the scene

Bringing tranquility and peace, free and clean

Trees with fruit blossoms, in full view even at night

Sending forth a fragrance, invigorating and right

Tiny green leaves are growing out on the tall trees

Waving from a gentle breath of the wind with ease

In the distance, glowing lights enhance a background

Providing a reverent atmosphere without any sound

A bit of shining moonlight fashions extra to see

Moving and playful shadows amongst the trees

Even at night, God’s creation sparkles all new

Painting for each evening, a breathtaking view

The eastern light rises to create the dawn

Crooning birds welcome a newborn fawn

The stillness begins to wake-up from its rest

Leaving its nocturnal beauty, always the best!