Nighttime Rain


Photo by Sourav Mishra on

Lying wide awake during a lonely, rainy night

Hearing the moisture-rich drops taking flight

Trying to return to a blissful sleep without any pause

Failing because of music those steady drops will cause

Remembering Eddie Rabbitt’s song of a beautiful sight

Declaring once again that he truly loves a rainy night

Imagining each single, rainy drop bouncing about

Wetting the arid ground with its mighty clout

Rolling eyes over the walls of a darkened room

Realizing that morning light will be here soon

Recalling rainy mirages from times back in the past

Hoping now that the rain shower will continue to last

Thinking of more puddles that continue to flow about

Seeing the runoff now flooding as the creek spills out

Driving down a wet, shiny road with lights burning bright

Blinding radiance bounces back to impair one’s eyesight

Wondering where that beat-up umbrella went

Needing it later despite being twisted and bent

Smelling the soft fragrance of a summer rain

Knowing that its sweet fullness will slowly wane

Allowing the steady patter of rain to sing

Falling asleep before the new day brings

Dreaming of future adventures in a drizzle so wet

Knowing that it will offer more than I’ve seen yet